Best Induction Cooktops

Best Induction CooktopsInduction cooking appliance is becoming more popular through the growing popularity of induction cooktops. The induction cooktop is the ideal choice for you and every kitchen like a home kitchen or professional kitchen because it is constantly efficient, clean, safe, and looking stylish. An induction cooktop is the desired element which is demands for every chef. Modern cooktops have helped significant change the technique that every person can decorate their kitchens at present. There have a wide variety of options designed for you to choose from and to offer you the ability to get cooktops that are equipped with amazing features such as grills, smooth tops as well as different configurations of burners that you are convinced to like. Cooking induction cooktops is one of the newest trends in the cooking sector and its popularity increasing a lot of positive reaction from chefs as well as home users. Whatever recipe or dish you wish for to cook; chances are you will be getting wonderful results by the induction cooking appliances.

A modern induction cooktop can give rapid heat along with perfect simmering. That is for the reason that they have an electromagnetic field under the glass surface that transmits heat rapidly to the cooking pots and pan so that heat is perfectly controlled. Latest induction cooktops mainly create electromagnetic reactions among the cooking zone as well as the cooking pots and pans. However, an induction cooktop is not low-priced. Consequently, you should know how to select the best induction cooktops. Induction cooktops operate magnetic reactions to generate heat that allows you to do your cooking your favorite dishes. Modern electric cooktops that heat cooking surfaces earlier than transferring the heat to your cooking wear, but the induction ones make heat through the cooking pots and pans making the dishes quickly more ever that are energy efficient and safer too.

NuWave 30602 Double Precision Induction Cooktop Burner, Black

Double Precision Induction Cooktop BurnerIf you are searching a cooktop for adding to your kitchen, then here is the NuWave 30602 Double Precision Induction Cooktop Burner, Black review for one of the finest induction type cooktops of the market. This double burner induction cooktop is rectangular in size, among all the control buttons placed in the front. All burners are given its individual control panel, with various common controls for mutually of them as well. Touch sensors make entire control keys. All the burners have internal diameters of 8 inches, as well as on the outside diameters of 9 inches. All are marked by the help of white color circles on the burners. A cooking pots or pans as large as 12″ in diameter can be used to cook on the cooking surface, as the heat are provided consistently over the cooking surface. The entire unit runs on 120 volts, through the highest output power of 1800 Watts.

Heating Elements

The standard behind induction cooktops is the generating of heat keen on the cooking wear by an electromagnetic reaction. While energy is determined in the cooking wear then cooking is fast, safe with cost efficient. This NuWave 30602 model double precision induction cooktop has two heating elements, and that are comfortable and safe for use due to the different of temperature control features. This induction cooktop user can select from various temperatures as well as can press the 1800 Watts button when highest power is necessary. There also has six pre-programmed temperature control settings, and the enormous thing about this cooking appliance is that has a 2-hour program through which users can keep the food warm until serve by using a fixed temperature of 155 degrees Fahrenheit. NuWave also includes 94 different temperature levels, by an increment/decrement of 5 degrees. The low button gives a temperature of 100 degrees, as the low-medium button gives a temperature of 175 degrees. That medium button gives a temperature of 275 degrees, moreover the medium high workings in 375 degrees. The high buttons provide a temperature of 425 degrees, and the highest temperature that the machine can supply is 575 degrees Fahrenheit. Cooking foods or meals with accurate temperature can be done effortlessly on this cooktop.

Power Option

In the sense of eclectic induction cooking appliance, it must need different levels of electricity for various levels of temperature. If you need maximum temperature, then you must use the extra electric power. This latest induction cooktop can use a productivity power of at least 900 Watts. The highest power it can utilize is of 1800 Watts. That wattage can be controlled by using the adjustment keys as of the control panel along with it displays on the digital screen formerly it is selected.

Safety Sensors

Safety is the primary concern when you decide to purchase a kitchen appliance, especially an induction cooktop. Our recommended cooktop gives you the complete safety what you want. The manufacturer can install few sensors for your full safety. This kitchen appliance contains a few sensors that help cooking safer along with more proficient. The temperature sensors facilitate the unit stop automatically when a certain temperature level has been over, to stop overheating burning otherwise other undesired burn accident. There has also a high and low voltage sensor is incorporated to avoid it from harmful in case of power cuts.


  • Double burner cooktop
  • 6 pre-programmed temperature settings
  • 94 temperature settings
  • 2 hour keep Warm setting
  • Over voltage and under voltage protection
  • Reasonable price


  • Doesn’t include a lock function
  • Lots of button

True Induction TI-2C Cooktop, Double Burner, Energy Efficient

best Induction CooktopIn this busy life, every one desire saves much time, and they didn’t want to expend much time in the kitchen while cooking. Those people are searching a solution which can give them the quickest cooking experience. So we can recommend this latest and newest technologist feature induction cooktops. It not only saves your valuable time, but it also saves much energy.  This True induction TI-2C model black color cooktop is one of the best and huge selling cooktops in the market that is moveable especially much energy efficient. You can able to move this cooking appliance easily if it requires. This is medium size induction cooktop so that you can adjust it any suitable place in your kitchen.

This true induction TI-2C cooktops made from pure ceramic glass surface that helps you for clean it easy and perfectly. It is quite east to wipe with any types of cloth or paper and store it in your store room or your cabinet. This cooking appliance can share electric power for heat both cooking burners. If you can use one burner, then power can use only one burner and save much electricity. When you can use both burners, then power can distribute equally, and both burners can heat rapidly. The TI-2C is energy efficient that helps cook food faster, save time, energy as well as mostly your money. It runs with a standard 110V outlet with 1800 watts. The cooktop machine uses a magnetic support technology that produces heat using a magnetic circuit while a ferrous metal cooking ware is placed on the cooktop.

Latest Power Sharing Technology

True Induction cookupAll electric induction cooktops user desire latest featured cooking appliance for their kitchen. For that concern, we can recommend this cooktop for you. You can get latest power sharing technology in this cooking appliance. Sometimes you can use only one cooking zone or surface then you didn’t want to waste electricity for both cooking surfaces. So this cooktop can help you to save valuable energy. This cooking can feature with a power-sharing option. When this machine run one burner, it takes only one burner power, and other can be avoided supplying power. If you can use both burners, then power can distribute. You can also able to control the power distribution to your cooking surfaces. You can make it 50% and 50%. You can also 70%/30% or 40%/60% etc. So this is a great advantage for using this amazing cooktop.      

Faster Cooking Solution

In the current world, everybody is busy with their work. People didn’t waste time for delayed cooking. They deserve a more rapid cooking solution. Then want cook food quickly and save time for their work. If you are searching those type of solution, then we can recommend this induction cooktop. This cooktop can give you an extraordinary cooking experience. You can make your meal faster than before and save your time which you desire. Its electromagnetic field under the glass surface that fast transmits heat to the cooking pots and pan and you can cook your quickly as possible in before. So if you want to purchase the latest induction cooktop, then this is the ideal option for you.     


  • Double burner
  • Power-Sharing Technology
  • Quick Touch Controls
  • Timer Setting
  • Built in Safety Functions
  • Exact Temperature Settings
  • Easy to clean
  • Reasonable price


  • Minimum burner
  • Less advanced technology

Mai Cook Stainless Steel 3500W Electric Induction Cooktop, Electric Countertop Burners

Stainless Steel Induction CooktopDifferent customers desire different types and different design induction cooking appliance for their kitchen. For that reason, all manufacturers try to produce different types and different design of cooktops in design, shape, and effectiveness. Based on this reason awe can show you this latest induction cooktop to you. That is a small and one burner cooking appliance. This is small but much effective, and it’s ready to serve you an extraordinary cooking experience while cooking. That is Mai cook stainless steel 3500W induction burner. This cooking appliance is deal with a 3500-watt commercial standard induction cooktop by 13 power levels; overheat sensor, auto shut-off, a digital timer as well as the stainless steel body. Everybody wants a good looking cooking appliance for their kitchen. So we can recommend this cooktop. Because this is a well build ceramic glass cooking surfaces. That ceramic glass not only supports heavy load it also looking stylish. It several round shape marking helps you to adjust different types of cooking pots and pans in that cooking zone. That’s easy along with spontaneous controls moreover power maximizing system technology supply by this burner; you will cook with Epicure results with faster before unachievable. The entire body is built from solid stainless steel, so this can support the heavy load which you desire. This cooktop is mid range cooking appliance. It can provide maximum performance with minimum expand of energy. It is better than a conventional or gas cooktops. So if you want to purchase a cooktop for your kitchen then this the perfect option for you and your kitchen.    


best Induction CooktopA better control system is the prime issue when you choose a cooktop whatever that is gas, electric or induction. Based on this concern we can show you this fabulous cooktop. That featured with the latest control system, and there have multiple power level that can help you to cook in different temperature for your desired cooking solution. Latest Mai Cook Stainless Steel 3500W electric induction cooktop includes a digital display by push button control system.

Heating Surface

Electric Countertop BurnersThis latest Mai Cook Stainless Steel 3500W electric induction cooktop contain only one cooking zone, but you did not need extra cooking zone. Because that one can gives you a high-performance word load. When you can start this cooktop, it is going heat rapidly, and your cooking will be faster than before. There have multiple options for delivering heating level for your desired temperature for your favorite dish. There have multiple power level which can help you to control different types of temperature for distributing for the burner. 


  • Push-button controls
  • Large cooking surface
  • Stainless Steel body
  • Digital display
  • 13 power levels
  • Overheat sensor for safety measure


  • Minimum feature
  • Only one burner


Digital Induction CooktopThe modern induction cooktop is an essential element of cooking appliance as well called as induction stove which heats a pitcher effortlessly. Max Burton 6400 model build with smooth ceramic glass top along with made of iron and heavy duty stainless steel. The induction cooktop is a magnetic cooktop somewhere other cooktops are an electronic heating machine or flames. This type of modern cooktop is so digital and smarter than other cooking appliance; this induction cooktop heats the cooking pots and pans by using a high-frequency induction coil.

Max Burton is a brand that belongs from the Aervoe Industries Group, which is one of the top favorites when it comes to the induction cooking sector. Max Burton produces high-quality induction cooktops with spontaneous controls with stylish designs. All induction customer desire Max Burton’s cooktops due to their simplicity of use and heavy-duty materials. There are lots of models that are ideal for home use as well as commercial use, which means all the cooking requirements can be fulfilled when choosing this brands product. It’s 15 temperature levels that range starting 140 degrees to 450 degrees Fahrenheit that make us imagine why Max Burton didn’t do the similar for the earlier cooktop, too. It’s so much simple and more relaxed to cook when you have lots of options in your control.


Max Burton Induction Cooktop  Design

This cooktop is smooth and moveable giving it a nice look along with feel. The sizes of the product are consequently 13.5 x 12.5 x 2.6 inches. This cooktop weighs 7.8 pounds. It is quite light compared between other cooktops. It is designed in black color with heavy duty stainless steel border which gives it amazing looks. It featured by angled control panel, different between the flat one you notice in most of the other cooking appliance. You must seem that design a control panel with an LCD in the middle with the various touch button. This LCD builds it much easier to control with different types of adjustments. There have ten heating level settings and 15 temperature level settings. You can also get the boil and simmer buttons are available for particular purposes.

Control Lock System

Max Burton 6400 model induction cooktops comfort safety with its reliable control lock feature. It can help you to prevent any adjustment to the controls until the burner contact user’s pre-set period. You can focus on other tasks, behind programming the heat setting and period.


  • Touch LCD control panel
  • 10 heat mode settings
  • Easy to operate touch panel
  • Quick response time
  • Portability and easy installation
  • Simmer and boil control


  • Only one burner
  • Less function

GE Profile 36" Black Touch Control Electric Induction Cooktop

Electric Induction CooktopThe GE Profile 36″ touch control induction cooktop in black color brings you a high level of quick and accurate heating by a cool to the touch panel that’s simple for clean. That’s digital touch controls with five induction cooking surface, with an 11″ 3,700-watt induction cooking surface, helps you cook quickly as well as rapidly boil water. You can cook efficiently with elements that heat to the dimension of your pan and auto shut off when no pan is present on the cooking surface. There also have two 7″ cooking zones simultaneously to heat big cookware or griddles consistently.


best Electric Induction CooktopIf you decide to buy a cooktop, then we can recommend a cooktop which is the product from GE. In the modern cooktops industry, GE is the most popular brand. That is the latest GE profile 36″ black color and touch control electric induction cooktop. It contains entire five cooking surfaces. From that one is big and rest of are medium sized cooking surfaces. For the control system, you can get the latest touchpad control system in that induction cooktop. There has multiple power control option in that cooking appliance. You can also get timer option which can help you to relax with cooking. This is a made from smooth ceramic glass, and this is black color.


The safety issue is the prime consideration about cooking appliance. GE can install the control lock system for your complete safety. This feature can protect your cooktop from any unwanted activation. This feature is also essential for those houses there have any kids. So this is the ideal option for your kitchen.


  • Five induction elements
  • Digital touch controls
  • Control Lock Capability
  • Pan Presence and Size Sensor
  • Large size cooktop
  • Timer setting capacity
  • Easy to clean
  • Red LED display for clear view


  • Much expensive
  • Need professional help for installation

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