LG LCE3610SB 36″ Black Electric Smoothtop Cooktop Review

In day by day electric cooktops users demand is the latest feature. They want more latest and amazing feature, which makes their kitchen more comfortable and they can feel more flexible while cooking. Based on this concept LG can offer this latest LCR3610SB black color 36″ smooth top electric cooktops. When you read this complete review, you may understand the exceptionality of this kitchen appliance. It has such type of feature which is the entirely new, and you can’t seem that feature in any other cooktops. For the safety reason, it has such an outstanding some feature. If you have a little child and you worried about any burn accidents. Then a surprise for you, it has a child lock feature which can ensure that the complete safety for your child. It installs a feature that can help to auto shut off if it seems any accidental issue. You will be glad when you know how many cooking surface option in here. The main cooking surface and the warm zone are totally five. But you can get total nine different size option in this LG LCR3610SB model electric cooktop.
It needs only 3000 watts to 100-watt electrical energy for various sizes of cooking surfaces. It’s one more excellent feature is touch pad control system. The touch control is quite smooth and easy to control. For the safety issue, it includes individual overheating indicator light.

Cooking Surface

Cooking surface is the primary concern of electric cooktops. The latest cooktops users are demand different sizes variety option of cooking surface in their kitchen appliance. In this LG LCR3610SB model electric cooktop, you can get five cooking surfaces. And you can get a triple and a two double size cooking surface in different length. It is a great advantage of the user for using large to small size cooking wear whatever your collection. The large size cooking surface is constantly 12″, 9″, and 6″, actually this is a triple size cooking zone. So you can use big size to medium size cooking pots or pans in that cooking area. The next cooking area is two individual size cooking surface. That’s respectively 9″ and 6″ cooking surface. Another one is quite same. That’s respectively 8″ and 5″ cooking surface. Another one is 6″ cooking surface, and the last one is the warm zone which is 6″ size. All of these are amazingly require a minimum level of electric energy. It is a great advantage of saving your electricity bill with a great kitchen appliance.

Triple and Double Size cooking surface

Based on this LG LCE3610SB 36″ black electric smooth top cooktop review, you may understand there have a triple and a double size cooking surface. That is constantly 12″, 9″, and 6″ in this triple size cooking zone. The double size cooking surface is constantly 9″ and 6″ cooking zone. The other double size cooking surface is respectively 8″ and 5″ cooking zone. You can get a great advantage from these different sizes of cooking surface. It allows you to use different sizes of cooking wear. All of these triple and two double sizes cooking zone are needs as a minimum level of energy. The manufacturer is designing those surface for user-friendly. It’s quite easy to manage those all cooking surface. So you may understand these cooktops are magnificent for your latest equipped kitchen appliance.

Energy Efficient

Energy saving is a common feature of electric cooktops. All user common demand is their cooktops are more energy efficient. All electric cooktops manufacturer are taking a great competition for produce more energy efficient electric cooktops. From this LG LCE3610SB 36″ black electric smooth top cooktop review, you may understand this cooktop gives you powerful cooking experience with very low energy expenses. It needs only 100 watts to 3000 watts of eclectic energy for a faster cooking solution ever. Its steady heat cooking elements provide constant heat at any temperature used for more accurate heat control, as well as give a fast response to all temperature adjustment. Its large triple size cooking surface consistently 12″, 9″ and 6″, and these needs respectively 3000 watts, 2000 watt and 1100 watt of electric energy. The next double burner size consistently 9″ and 6″, its needs 3000 watts and 1400 watt of electrical energy. Another double burner size is 8″ and 5″, and it requires 1900 watt and 1000 watt energy. It contains two 6″ cooking surface, one takes 1200 watt energy, and another one is a warm zone which requires only 100-watt electric energy for warm your cooked food

Child Lock and Auto off Setting

When you have a little child, you must worry about they come in your kitchen and fall any burn accident in your absence. LG LCR3610SB model electric cooktop can install a child accident protected feature. That is touchpad lock or control lock. You can lock your touchpad control, for a reason, nobody can operate your cooktop in your absence, especially your child. If there have any activity can happen then the cooktops going auto off, and you can save from an unexpected accident.

Touch Control and Easy cleaning

Touchpad control system is the latest feature of an electric cooktop. That is called a smart feature of the latest electric cooktops. In the LG LCR3610SB model electric cooktop you can get this touch pad control system. You can control your cooktops temperature just slightly touch with your finger. This kitchen appliance can design with individual touch panel for the separate cooking zone. And you can seem individual overheat indicator light in every touch panel. For the issue of cleaning it’s quite easy to clean this cooktop. There have no knobs, and you have no resists to clean it completely. You can enjoy an amazing experience when you clean and seem brand new cooktops such a long time.


  • Total five burner
  • One triple size cooking zone
  • Large 12"/ 9"/ 6" cooking surface
  • Two dual size cooking zone (9"/ 6") (8"/5")
  • 6" Warm Zone
  • 100 watt need for warm zone
  • Control with touchpad
  • Build with steady heat radiant elements
  • Individual overheat indicator light
  • Energy efficient
  • Child lock system
  • Auto-off system
  • Easy to clean


  • Problem for manage extra burners
  • Touchpad is not easy to control

Final Verdict

If you search an extraordinary electric cooktop for your kitchen appliance, then this the perfect option for you. You can get all latest features from it. If your budget is quite high, then do not let to buy this great kitchen appliance. It contains five cooking surfaces, and there has one large triple size cooking surface. There has also two dual size cooking zone. Another two is small size, and you can get a warm zone for warm your cooked food at a low temperature with low energy expenses. Its one amazing feature is it has a child lock system that is you can lock your touch pad control. If there have any activation in your cooktop, then your cooktop going auto off. This feature makes this cooktop more secure between the other cooktops. 


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